Trees & Shrubs

In Knoxville & Maryville

Out of Eden Garden Center strives to provide you with the best quality nursery plants, trees, and service possible in Maryville and Knoxville. Now is the best time to find just the right tree or shrub to become the centerpiece of your yard or to create a natural privacy barrier. We are also excited to now offer tree delivery. If you find the tree or shrub you want, we can take care of the delivery process for you. No need to get your car dirty, or borrow a truck to get it home. Contact us for professional installation and delivery!

Replacement Guarantee

Any tree or shrub that our professional landscapers install is guaranteed for one full year.
We guarantee to do our job to the highest standard and trust that you will do the same in caring for your tree or shrub.

– Lack of water voids the guarantee.
– Roses, Grasses, Perennials, and Annuals are not covered by the guarantee.
– Discounted plants are sold as-is and without warranty.

Contact us for professional installation and/or delivery options!

out of eden delivery We Deliver
Large Ornamental and Shade Trees just arrived!

Looking for something larger than a starter tree? Out of Eden Garden Center has 100's of ornamental and shade trees on our 6.5 acre lot, ready to go in the ground. Now is the time to plant trees and shrubs. We offer delivery and a small crew planting service if needed. Container Grown trees in gallon sizes 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and larger burlap wrapped (B&B) trees. Cherry, Dogwood, Fringe, Oaks, Maples, Elms, etc. Come on out in the sun and see what we have!

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