Rose Care

Planting RosesRose Care Guide, Knoxville & Maryville Garden Center

Dig the hole twice the size and the same depth as the root mass. To amend the clay soil in our area, mix in 50% soil conditioner. The top of the root mass should be slightly higher than ground level after planting.

Add 2-3 inches of mulch around roses. Keep the mulch away from the trunk!

Water your roses. Do not wet the leaves when you water roses! Roses need moist soil but not a soggy condition.

Feed roses monthly with Espoma Rose Tone Fertilizer (available inside the Garden Center). Start in March and continue this through the first week of September.

To keep roses as healthy as possible, use an insect and disease control spray. We recommend an All-in-One type spray.

In the early winter, after the first hard frost, cover the graft union of the rose plant with 6-8 inches of mulch and then remove the mulch in the spring and start your fertilization and pest management program.

Prune Tea Roses back to 12 inches after the first hard frost. Rake away dropped leaves and add the winter mulch around the bases.

Prune Shrub Roses back to 1/3 the size of the normal plant.

Stay with a schedule to have the most beautiful roses in your neighborhood. Roses can bring years of enjoyment!

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