For a limited time only: Free delivery to any home or business located within 15 miles of the Garden Center. Minimum purchase requirement of $250.00 or more in combined Bulk Materials and Container Grown Plants. Call us for details.

Our light brown river sand is useful for pool landscaping and many other applications. Each scoop offers 75-80 sq. ft. of coverage.

Crush and Run scoops cover 100-110 sq. ft. Weight of 2200 lbs. Excellent for between flagstone and pavers, walkways, driveways, etc.

Each scoop of Pea Gravel covers 70-75 sq. ft. Weight of 1700 lbs

Scoops of Egg Rock will cover 60-70 sq. ft. Weight of 1700 lbs.

This 2 x 5 size River Rock covers 55-65 sq. ft per scoop. Weight of 1700 lbs.

    6 x 14 size River Rock scoops cover 45 sq. ft. Weight of 1800 lbs.