Rock, Sand, Crush and Run

Our light brown river sand is useful for pool landscaping and many other applications. Each scoop offers 75-80 sq. ft. of coverage.

Crush and Run scoops cover 100-110 sq. ft. Weight of 2200 lbs. Excellent for between flagstone and pavers, walkways, driveways, etc.

Each scoop of Pea Gravel covers 70-75 sq. ft. Weight of 1700 lbs

Scoops of Egg Rock will cover 60-70 sq. ft. Weight of 1700 lbs.

This 2 x 5 size River Rock covers 55-65 sq. ft per scoop. Weight of 1700 lbs.

    6 x 14 size River Rock scoops cover 45 sq. ft. Weight of 1800 lbs.