Our mulch comes in three varieties and is priced per Bobcat Loader scoop. A standard truck bed can hold 1 or 2 scoops, and we can deliver up to 20 scoops of mulch per trip.

For a limited time only: Free delivery to any home or business located within 15 miles of the Garden Center. Minimum purchase requirement of $250.00 or more in combined Bulk Materials and Container Grown Plants. Call us for details.

Did you know: Our mulch is real hardwood mulch . We don't process skids and pallets and dye them different colors like some competitors do. One scoops cover roughly 150 sq/ft.


Our Standard Grade Mulch is a coarse mulch composed of shredded hardwood. This is the least expensive of our mulches and generally what contractors use.

Premium Mulch is a rich brown tone that helps to bring out the color in your landscape beds. This is our top seller and what our Landscape Design crews use when doing installations.

Midnight Mulch provides moisture and weed control, suitable for both evergreens and deciduous plants. The leaf compost adds a range of nutrients to sustain plant growth. This is another big seller that brings out the color in your beds.