Aeration, Over-seeding, Fertilization

Out of Eden Garden Center has the premier Aeration, Over-Seeding, and Fertilization Program for that lush green lawn that you desire! Aeration removes plugs from your lawn that help allow water, nutrients, and oxygen to get down to the grass roots and allow the grass to be as healthy as possible. Aeration is indicated for lawns that exhibit bare spots, standing water, high thatch content, and for high traffic areas.

Here at Out of Eden Garden Center, we use top quality blended seed mixes for sun or shade, and we apply at rates that consistently produce the best results for this area of Tennessee. As a part of our premier seeding service, we also apply a starter fertilizer to the area that creates an ideal growing environment for the grass to root and prosper. All the owner has to do is provide water and within a short period of time they’ll see the wonderful results of over-seeding and be rewarded with a lush green lawn. Please call Out of Eden Garden Center to make your reservation for this service. Our calendar fills up fast. Call today, we’d like to help you have a beautiful lawn this year! Thanks for being our customer!


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